Work > GLIST! [2018]

Digital video with sound
4 minutes 42 seconds

GLIST! is a temporary band of others, performing shopping lists culled from social networks. GLIST! first took place on February 18th during - and anchored in response to - Latham Zearfoss’s solo exhibition, INTENTS & PURPOSES, at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago. By invoking and (literally) amplifying the mundane livelihoods of everyday citizens, this performance aims to elevate the mechanisms of daily survival by (marginal) folks in a hostile, hypercapitalist and individualistic moment. Using banal, and personal but seemingly apolitical source material, GLIST! tacitly subverts the archetypes of economic individualism and self-interest, key themes in this year's election cycle. As we who move in targeted, hyperlegislated bodies now scramble to assemble our best defenses for the impending shift tothe (alt-)right, GLIST! offers a moment of beautiful discordance,

GLIST! (2017) is Anna Martine Whitehead, Cassidy Slaughter-Mason, Cathy Hsiao, Claire Arctander, Cordett Newsome, Jacquelyn CQQCHIFRUIT Carmen Guerrero, Darling Shear, Jen Delos Reyes, Latham Zearfoss, and Whit Forrester.

Documented by Nathan Ramos and edited by Kathryn Lee