Work > Myth of My Ancestors [2007]

Myth of My Ancestors
Digital video
4 minutes 20 seconds

The first humans join in rapturous song with their gender-non-conforming gods, summon sacred plants, and invoke mystical creatures in this short musical animation, which re-imagines Eden as both a queer body and a gay utopia.

In the beginning, there is a land without shame. Plants, animals, and humans live together in total harmony. Sounds a little bit like (gay) utopia, doesn't it? But all of these things are made up. The animals and plants we summoned were just artificial interpretations of things that are, were, or might have been. And we too, dancing and singing in rapture with our grumpy/happy two-headed God(s), were all too aware that we came from the dust. But this is okay, because it is no secret that the place we came from is uncannily like the place we would love to end up.

Cast: Lee Relvas, Amita Lonial, Aay Preston-Myint, Latham Zearfoss and Sasha Samochina.