Work > Very Fine On Both Sides [2020]

Very Fine On Both Sides is an installation that uses absurdist humor and the metaphorical potential of the palindrome to disarm the dystopian energy of our calcified political present. Palindromes are a self-satisfied form that serve no clear purpose beyond the trivial. In this regard, they present a fertile, almost funny parallel to mainstream political discourse, which continues to excuse the ideologies of rape culture and white supremacy through an insistence on false equivalencies. Or as President Trump infamously said, there are very fine people on both sides. Further, Very Fine On Both Sides proposes that new articulations of resistance are more important than ever by rendering reactionary politics of any kind as flaccid and even narcissistic – mirror image of its opposite, attached at the hip.

Paint, monitor, looping digital video with sound, music stands, vinyl, plaster, white flags, cardboard, palindromes.

Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, Illinois, January-February of 2020