Work > YESx1000 [2015]

YES x 1000
Wood, paint, LED lights and sound responsive activator, 4-channel sound, speakers
2-channel Audio Track
Documentation Video

YESx1000 was an immersive sound installation revolving around the consensual, the hopeful, the tentative and tenuous YES, through an echoing reverberation of layered recordings of the repeated word. Affirmation is ritual. Our digital lives form around the most minute likenesses and passing acknowledgments; a marginal creed of yes-ness permeates our social networks and forms of interactions. But how does the interconnectivity of the isolated potentially re-inscribe that same isolation, by creating platforms of easy approval? Here, the human need to be seen and heard is validated as call – “do you hear me?” – and response – “yes, yes we do.”

YESx1000 was on view at Threewalls in Chicago January through March of 2015.